If Einstein said it…

We like to look at letters with their forms and counterforms, photography, illustration, collage, colours and lack of colour. We like to pay attention to textures, spaces, dimensions, folds, overlays and movement. We like to figure out how we are connected to those things. We love design and to have a message to convey.

So, we studied graphic design. We had many personal experiences such as travel, love, heartbreak, new loves, meeting people and making friends that became essential to our happiness. We found that some things were not as important as we used to believe and that others have more weight than we thought, and so on. We also had many different professional experiences, like working in an advertising agency, moving to a new country looking to improve our knowledge by studying in Barcelona, starting over in graphic design studios, going to conferences, seminars, exhibitions and every design event we could. We collaborated with other professionals juggling both full-time and freelance careers. And then there was a point when we started to dream about creating our own place. Some people said that we were crazy to look for trouble by running our own business at the same time as having a steady job. There were also people who supported us at all times and they gave us a lot of confidence.

In 2008, we created 'Atipicamente'. We have been here ever since, standing on our own two feet and smiling, glad to have made that decision, grateful to those who trust their projects to us. We are still inspired by new projects and have all our senses focused on learning with every new experience. As Albert Einstein said once: 'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving'.